Time of Flavors | 🚎 Diudiu Bus 1.3 @Seattle WA

Updated: May 29, 2020

Time is a magical spice making up flavors. A single bite of food could take us to a certain memory clip immediately. When we had our first bit of food cooked by chef Bruce and Sara Naftaly, We taste the original.

Shouldn’t it be normal that the beef raised with humanity? Shouldn’t we know the neighborhood butcher? Shouldn’t the veggies grow in seasonality not far from us?

We are living in an era of being fast, but Bruce and Sara is still doing things in a slow way using old recipes with new ingredients to pass on the past sensation and past flavor.

Watch episode 1.3, Take a slow bite of time!

Hello Diudiu Bus passengers,

The new episode is up today! We feel so grateful to document Bruce and Sara’s story in this short film. It is about time and flavor. It is about taking time for food, taking time for your loved ones, and taking time in life.

It is still mama Ching writing this newsletter. After having baby Diu, our family automatically moves on to a fast pace mentally. We are still cooking our meals most of the time. We are still taking time to go outside, hang out with friends, party?!, go hiking, climbing, skiing and so on. It looks we are doing pretty good, but somehow my mind is constantly moving or maybe it is just part of parenting to constantly have another tiny human in mind.

Hey friends, parenting is hard! Let’s just be honest there is no superwoman got everything figured out effortless. When Asu was filming Bruce and Sara, I was there with baby Diudiu hanging out. Sara and I had wonderful conversations about parenting, career, and food! If I only use one word to describe her, it would be incredible. She is so sincere and strong mama I admire! She is strong to hold everything together in a broken world, but she is also soft being a loving mama and wife.

Time goes on really fast. Bruce and Sara still adds on love after 28 years of marriage. I feel parenting is partnership, but marriage is love, patience, and understanding. hmmm, we are still young trying to figure everything out. Yep, I need to love my red head husband Asu a little more! :D

Sorry to call him red head rooster and make fun of him.

Hope you all got time for your loved ones! Life is busy, but connections made life all different.

Sending Love From @DiudiuBus Family #WeAreAllPassengersOfTheWorld

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