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Updated: May 29, 2020

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Hello Diudiu Bus backers,

Life is not easy, but every time I think about you, yes, it's you! We actually got power and energy to continue this journey sharing the stories worth sharing. Because you are reading it and you are watching it! 

We already got on road living in our slow-ass veggie oil powered VW Synco for 3 weeks. Life does get slow as we hoped, and I (mama) finally got time to sit down to keep you all updated. (What got in this 3 weeks: farm visit, van got oil leakage, rain, rain, rain like dogs and cats, Diudiu got fever for 5 days, fridge got power shortage and it burnt! and of course life goes on with more miscellaneous.) 

SO FAR SO GOOD! #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt We Love It! We are all happy and healthy now! 

Papa Su got our first film edited and posted today! I hope you watched it already, if not, I have to say it's not about our stories. So does our journey is not all about our stories. The entire Diudiu Bus project is about everyone's story with nature, food, love, humanity, sports, and something real happening in life. 

'Summer Time Colin and Alexandra' is a love story about family, relationship, music and the earth. From the first time I know the Proctor's family, my soul just magically got attracted and blended with this family. When I watched Papa Su's edit, I started to know why I love this beautiful family. It is all about grounding. For this season, in yoga it's Vata season, It means transferring from summer to autumn. It also means grounding. In life, we all need some grounding time to remind ourselves of being who we are. What is beautiful of Alexandra and Colin's family is just being themselves and opening themselves to nature, love, and connections. 

English is not our first language, but love is all our first natural language! Hope you enjoy this film at this grounding season of the year to be yourself! You are beautiful as you! 

-Sending Love From @DiudiuBus Family  #WeAreAllPassengersOfTheWorld

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