Homemade Fat Noodle with Spicy Source | Diudiu Bus 1.2

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Rain Rain Go Away This week Mama Ching is showing you the #vanlife way of cooking! Homemade Fat Noodle with Spicy Source is on your plate. PLEASE ENJOY 

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How are you this week? Any good weather in your town? Whether it's sunny days or rainy days, we can all find some fun! 

I know some of my Canadian friends were shredding pow last weekend in the Rockies! Shred some pow for us! Meanwhile, we are still in the wet westy city Seattle. The Diudiu Bus crews are really damp needed some home remedy to cue, so Mama chef made the Fat Noodle dish in the bus! 

Recipe Down Below, Hope you'll enjoy this spicy dish in your wet cold days : ) 

-Sending Love From @DiudiuBus Family  #WeAreAllPassengersOfTheWorld

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