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We are a family of 3 riding a vegetarian van to explore the world by telling stories of humanity and food, nature and sports. 


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I am a veteran from Germany and now living a life being world citizen as a environmentalist warrior protesting the oil pipe line built in beautiful BC, so I decided to be a vegetarian Bus consuming wasted veggie oil. Mom says I smells like French Fries.  


Vegtarian Bus


I am Ching, love ASu madly enough to have a crazy hair baby Diudiu. Before met Susu, I live and travel with a 28L backpack including everything I need on the road, a pair of climbing shoes, swimming suit, winter jacket, and a good laughter. Now I am the driver and chief of the Diudiu Bus.




We are a group partners supporting Diudiu Bus riding on the road to share love and never stop explore.


Diudiu Bus Backers


Yeah, this is all about stories riding my bus. I am Diudiu. My names means lost but found. We all could use some lost to have a new beginning. I was born in the Canadian Rockies, raised by love, and hair styled by God. I know it's pretty awesome! 




I am Ching's husband, Diudiu's papa, and filmmaker. Before I met my crazy fighter wife, I live in a nomad life exploring this amazing world. The camera is my toy to tell the stories of love and responsibly, nature and humanity. Now I am the camera man and diaper changer of the Diudiu Bus.

Rongqin Su